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Adams Rite Logo

Adams Rite

For over 100 years, Adams Rite Mfg. Co. has been a family owned and operated company specializing in locking and latching mechanisms for commercial grade glass and aluminum doors. In addition to technological innovations like ‘The Rite Door’, a door package with an integral exit device, Adams Rite dominates the aluminum door market with products like the MS1800 series deadbolt, 4700 series deadlatches, 4590 deadlatch paddles, 8000 series exit devices and 7000 series electric strikes.

New England Door Closer stocks the various Adams Rite locks, exit devices and strikes in addition to the hard to find service and repair parts often needed to complete the job. NEDC representatives are well versed in the vast Adams Rite line and can prevent costly errors by getting you the ‘Rite’ product the first time.

When you think of Adams Rite, think of NEDC.


Architectural Control Systems

When it comes to electric hardware for today’s security conscious environment, Architectural Control Systems didn’t write the book... they rewrote it.

Offering modification services on virtually every type of exit device or lockset found on commercial doors, ACI has become a proven leader and innovator in a field that changes on a daily basis.

Whether you need a wired butt hinge, pivot, request to exit switch to retrofit a standard Jackson or Dor-O-Matic device or an electric modification to one of over a dozen different manufacturers of locksets, count on ACI to deliver.

When you think of ACI, think of New England Door Closer.

American Device Logo

American Device-Dorma

Now part of Dorma, American Device specialized in high quality exit devices at a reasonable price. The American 50, 4000 and 6000 series devices became mainstays at institutions across the United States. Primarily applied in school systems, American Device allowed educational facilities to utilize Grade 1 hardware without breaking the budget.

Although the name is now part of the past, millions of American Device products are still in use today. NEDC carries a complete line of 4000 and 6000 series devices in addition to all repair and trim parts you’ll ever need. Sadly, the 50 series (also known as the old Sargent and Greenleaf device) is totally discontinued with no available parts.

When you think of American Device, think of NEDC.

BEA Logo


For 35 years, B.E.A. has been an industry leader committed to providing the safest most effective sensor systems for automated entrances. With their new ‘Self-Monitoring Sensor Technology’ tried and true motion sensors like the Eagle, Bodyguard, Wizard and Superscan can perform self-diagnostics, shut the entrance down in the event of sensor failure and interface with numerous building management systems for remote monitor and repair dispatch.

In addition to state of the art sensors for swinging and sliding automated doors, B.E.A offers a wide range of electrical accessories to accommodate the ever increasing need for supplemental door hardware. The MC-25 and MC-10 time delay modules allow many and varied options for electronic equipment lacking a built-in time delay option.

When you think of B.E.A., think of New England Door Closer.

Bommer Logo


For 124 years, Bommer Industries, Inc. has been a pioneering force in the door hardware industry. Since founder Lornez Bommer invented the first single acting spring hinge in 1876 and the first double acting unit four years later, Bommer Industries has grown but never abandoned its foundation in the spring hinge market.

Bommer also developed a line of sophisticated floor closers but ceased production of them about 30 years ago. NEDC purchased Bommer’s remaining inventory of closers and repair parts but they, too, have journeyed into obsolescence. Should you have an old Bommer door closer, call NEDC. Most Bommer units were identical in size and shape to Rixson closers and are easily replaced.

NEDC stocks Bommer’s 3000, 4000 and 7000 series spring hinges and pivots. If you’re not quite sure which Bommer product you have, call our sales team and we’ll help you identify the hinge—even if it’s nearly 100 years old.

When you think of Bommer, think of NEDC.

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One of the world's leading manufacturers of steel doors and frames, CECO has a door and frame to accommodate any application or budget. From the workhorse Regent and Omega lines to the Stormpro 361 severe weather units, Ceco's got you covered.

Ceco also offers steel stiffened doors, acoustical doors and wood grain steel doors with preps and options tailored to meet your UL rated and non rated requirements. Additionally, their network of strategically located manufacturing facilities reduces lead times and eliminates the long distance shipping that can often damage new doors and frames.

When you think of Ceco think of New England Door Closer
Corbin Logo


Without question two of the greatest names in door hardware, Corbin and Russwin operate together as part of the Williams Group. With roots that go back 100 years, NEDC’s association with these two legendary companies began when Corbin was called The P. F. Corbin Co. and Russwin was known as Russell and Erwin.

Today, Corbin/Russwin is among the industry leader in locks, closers and exit devices. NEDC stocks the current Corbin/Russwin closer efforts in addition to a huge inventory of arms and related parts for units both past and present. NEDC is one of the few agencies in the country that can still effect repairs and often times provide rebuilt 400 and 500 series closers.

NEDC also maintains complete access to the various Corbin/Russwin locksets and exit devices.

When you think of Corbin/Russwin, think of NEDC.

Donjo Logo


Don-Jo fills a huge hole in the door hardware industry....literally!

The Sterling, Massachusetts-based company offers filler plates for virtually every type of hole that can be inflicted on a commercial or residential door. Butt hinge fillers in a variety of sizes, ASA, 86 and 161 are just a few of the many solutions Don-Jo offers to the door repair market. Don-Jo also offers filler plates for various electric strike conversions and special adapter rings which allow Grade 1 key-in-levers to be used on 1 3/8” doors.

But Don-Jo is more than just hardware for repair. The 20 year-old firm offers a full line of top quality accessories including kickplates,wall stops, floor stops, flushbolts, door coordinators and pull handles. Don-Jo also offers a wide range of latch protectors for virtually any door condition as well as wrap-arounds that allow for the complete repair, remodel or reinforcement.

When you think of Don-Jo, think of New England Door Closer.

Dorma Logo


It’s not surprising that Dorma is the largest manufacturer of door closers in the world but many are taken aback that the worldwide giant is still a family owned business.

For 85 years, the Dorma Group (including American Device) has been a technological leader in door hardware in 130 countries. In the United States, the Dorma Group purchased the old Reading Door Closer factory in Reamstown, Pennsylvania turning it into a state of the art production facility.

Dorma’s overhead concealed RTS 88 and floor concealed BTS 80 closers maintain a strong presence in the glass door market while their various surface closers such as the 640, 7600, 7800 and 7900 can be readily found on aluminum doors across the country. Dorma also boasts new versions of the American Device 4000 & 6000 (now called 5000 & 9000) and specialty glass doors under their DormaGlas division in Maryland.

NEDC stocks both Dorma’s surface and concealed units and related parts in addition to the new lines of exit devices.

When you think of Dorma, think of NEDC.

Dorma Logo

Dorma Glas

Dorma-Glas is a member of the Dorma Group and specializes in the development, manufacture and use of products for creating toughened glass doors and assemblies.

Some of the most beautiful and architecturally significant buildings in history look out at the world through Dorma-Glas doors and partitions. In addition to their stunning beauty, Dorma-Glas manufactures with service in mind. Patch fittings are easily prepped and, as the door goes through it’s normal life cycle, are easily changed.

New England Door closer is proud to stock Dorma-Glas patch fittings, closers and other service items that keep these works of art a thing of beauty for years to come.

When you think of Dorma-Glas, think of New England Door Closer.

Dor-O-Matic Logo


The newest addition to the Ingersoll-Rand hardware group (anchored by Von Duprin and LCN), Doromatic is undergoing a vast makeover as the millennium approaches. Several of their superior floor closers will now be marketed and distributed through LCN while the balance of their closers quietly pass into history.

Doromatic is perhaps best known for their line of exit devices, pivots and automatic operators. NEDC stocks a full complement of 1990 and 2090 series devices in addition to the complete line of repair parts for each. NEDC also stocks Doromatic pivots and the new state of the art Ascent automatic door operator-the most technologically advanced unit the company’s ever developed.

And remember, NEDC can still repair all those Doromatic floor and overhead concealed closers that are still in use today after 30 years of faithful service.

When you think of Doromatic, think of NEDC.

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DynaLock Logo


Although they’ve been making electromagnetic locks for 20 years, DynaLock has recently emerged as a force to be reckoned with in the security hardware market.

Featuring the latest in technogical security innovations at the industries’ most competitive prices, DynaLock offers consumer savings without compromising security. In addition to their complete line of electromagnetic locks and accessories, DynaLock boasts their 3101 Delayed Egress system, one of the finest products of its type on the market today. The 3101 delays an unauthorized exit attempt for 15 seconds, giving personnnel time to identify the person leaving. Conforming to NFPA 101, the Dyna Lock 3101 is used in areas vulnerable to shoplifting, employee theft and especially Alzheimers or other locked hospital wards where patient safety is key.

When you think of DynaLock, think of NEDC.

Eliason Logo


Manufacturers of the legendary ‘Easy Swing’ door, Eliason has become a standard in commercial kitchens, warehouses, restaurants and other places where high traffic impact resistant doors are mandated.

Eliason doors employ a unique suspension concept that utilizes gravity and offset pivots to facilitate a safe, gentle swinging action and automatic time delay closing without the use of springs, heavy cam castings or other types of mechanical closing devices.

Easy Swing doors require minimal maintenance and can be ordered in a variety of sizes, widths, colors and textures. Should a door become worn or damaged, the factory maintains a full line of service parts insuring you decades of use.

When you think of Eliason, think of New England Door Closer.

Ellison Logo


One of the industry’s most beautiful yet mysterious products is the Ellison balanced door.

A balanced door (often called a wind balanced door) uses both internal and external air pressure to ease in the opening and closing cycle. Balanced doors are trademarked by their unique center pivoting action and the industry standard is set by Ellison.

Manufacturing out of Jamestown, New York, Ellison’s elaborate bronze doors stand sentinel to some of the worlds most beautiful buildings. Ellison doors are so unique that the factory actually keeps records of all installations. In fact, NEDC is one of the few agencies in the Northeast that actually has experienced Ellison technicians on staff.

If your institution is in possession of an Ellison door or should you find yourself working on one, call NEDC at 1-800-628-1071. In addtion to being able to service these units, we stock complete checking cylinders , repair parts and technical data.

When you think of Ellison, think of NEDC.

Folger Adam Logo

Folger Adam

In a day when the word ‘security’ takes on a whole different meaning, Folger Adam continues to be an innovator in heavy duty access control products.

Part of the Assa Abloy Group, Folger Adam specializes in electric strikes for a variety of door applications. From simple rim mounted single applications to double door entrances with surface or concealed vertical rods, Folger Adam offers a solution for the security conscious consumer. Folger Adam strike cases and working parts are made of investment-cast stainless steel and feature stainless steel return springs. A variety of different keepers are available to suit to the wide range of latching mechanisms on today’s market in addition to several monitor switch options that allow for remote supervision. Folger Adam also offers individual repair parts and features a modular construction that allows for easy changes of voltage or function as conditions warrant.

When you think of Folger Adam, think of New England Door Closer.

Glynn Johnson Logo

Glynn Johnson

Part of the Ingersoll-Rand group, Glynn Johnson is famous for its various door hardware—especially their complete line of overhead door holders.

For over 75 years, GJ has set the standard for door holders, bumpers, stops and coordinators. GJ also has a complete line of flushbolts for regular and labeled doors and hospital push/pull latches.

NEDC stocks much of the GJ line and possesses technical expertise throughout. Our history and experience allows us to cross reference old GJ door holder numbers to the newer, state of the art units. NEDC can also advise you of potential compatability issues between GJ holders and any door closer specified.

When you think of GJ, think of NEDC.

Nabco Logo


For nearly 30 years, Gyro-Tech has been a leader in the automatic door market. From their 1175 slider package to the popular ADA applied 710 series, Gyro Tech’s reputation of providing high quality, low cost automatic door packages remains virtually unmatched in today’s market.

With an eye toward functionality and aesthetic purity, Gyro Tech’s diverse product line offers a solution for virtually every type of application. NEDC stocks, sells and services the Gyro-Tech line with a heavy concentration on the popular 500 and 710 series units in addition to all related actuation and safety devices. For more information on our service area, call 1-800-628-1071.

When you think of Gyro-Tech, think of NEDC.

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Hager Logo

Hager-Roton Hinge

One of the largest manufacturers of door hardware in the world, Hager stands proudly on a 150-year tradition of customer satisfaction and product innovation.

Known for their line of standard and custom ball bearing hinges and vast array of commercial and residential door hardware, Hager bolstered their strength in the architectural market with the purchase of Roton several years ago. Roton, the developer of the continuous hinge and the name synonomous with this revolutionary product, gives Hager a clear superiority when it comes to hanging commercial and residential doors.

Roton continuous aluminum hinges replace butt hinges or pivots by distributing a door's weight evenly over its entire height. NEDC stocks a comprehensive line of Roton hinges in various lengths and finishes at the industry's most competitive prices. Call today to find out how Roton continuous hinges can solve your most severe door conditions.

When you think of Hager-Roton, think of NEDC.

HES Logo


For 30 years HES has been developing and marketing some of the finest quality, most innovative electric strikes the hardware world has ever seen. But it was their induction into the ASSA ABLOY group that catapulted them to top of both the mainstream and specialized electronic security market.

The HES 1006 is regarded as the strongest electric strike on the market tested to exceed 3000 pounds in strength and rated for 2 million cycles. With 27 interchangeable face plates, the 1006 is also the industry's most versatile, user friendly electric strike. HES also offers the low profile 4500 (fire rated) and 5000 series strikes and the adjustable 5200 series.

But most of the attention today seems focused on the Genesis 9600, the first completely surface mounted electric strike. The 9600 features an internally mounted solenoid and two independently operated stainless steel locking mechanisms. Imagine a Grade 1 electric strike that works with a standard 3/4 pullman latch and requires no cuts to the jamb prior to installation. Hes did.

When you think of HES...think of New England Door Closer

International Door Closer Logo

International Door Closers, Inc.

For 33 years, International Door Closers has not only been at the forefront of imported door hardware, that they’ve made it an art form. While dozens have come and gone, flooding the market with inferior products and leaving customers stranded in the wake, International has remained committed to providing reliable products, competitive pricing and most importantly, customer service.

With facilities in California and Tennessee, International has door and door hardware needs covered coast to coast. Aluminum storefront giants like Tawnier and Vistawall have utilized international's products and services and continue to ally themselves with the second-generation family business.

From the 100 and 200 series overhead concealed closers to their wide range of surface closers, International offers competitive pricing and the quality you've come to expect in today's market. International also features crossbar and touch exit devices in addition to a wide range of door pivots and latching hardware. Whatever your aluminum storefront entrance need may be, International has the products to get you up an running at a sensible price and with the peace of mind that comes from three decades of family ownership.

When you think of International, think of NEDC.

Ives Logo


Founded in 1876 by Hobart B Ives, the H. B. Ives Company has built a reputation of supplying the most elegant yet durable commercial and residential hardware in the industry.

Manufacterers of everything from flushbolts and door coordinators to wind chains and window casement cranks, Ives products distinguish themselves through innovation and attention to detail. Ives also manufactuers complete lines of door pulls, push plates, kick plates and dozens of door holders and products to protect walls, doors and windows.

NEDC stocks several of Ives’ flushbolts, wind chains and various door bumpers and holders.

When you think of Ives, think of NEDC.

Jackson Logo

Jackson Exit Device

One of leading manufacturers of hardware for the aluminum and glass door industry, Jackson Exit Device is noted for their overhead concealed closers and vast array of pivots.

In addition to their 20-330 line of OHC closers, Jackson pivots can be found on many PPG, US Aluminum and Tubelite doors. NEDC stocks a comprehensive line of Jackson pivots in addition to the 20-330 closers and accessories. Arms, mounting brackets, tracks or pivots, NEDC stands ready to serve your Jackson needs.

Jackson also produces the popular 1085 concealed vertical rod and 1095 rim exit devices. NEDC stocks both units and all repair parts available for each. NEDC also stocks parts for the 2085 and 2095 touchbars and the more complex 3185 series of mid-panel devices. NEDC also has the technical expertise to help you identify your Jackson hardware and get the right parts the first time.

When you think of Jackson Exit Device, think of NEDC.

Kawneer Logo


Widely regarded as the largest and perhaps finest manufacturer of aluminum doors and frames in the world, Kawneer’s aesthetic styling and technological innovations keep them at the cutting edge of today’s competitive market.

Founded in 1906, the Norcross, Georgia giant is perhaps best known in the door repair market for their overhead concealed door closers. The M1, invented in 1950, gave way to the M2 and finally the M3 (better known as the ‘Husky’) in 1975. The Husky dominated the COC market until its discontinuation in 1999 and was one of the finest closers of its type ever made. NEDC still repairs the Husky and stocks all the various parts related to it.

Kawneer’s innovation didn’t stop with the door closer. The concealed ’Paneline’ exit device ushered in new architectural standards while the ‘Panic Guard’ offered an improved dimension of security to crossbar-style devices. NEDC stocks service parts for the various Kawneer devices, old and new, in addition to all other related Kawneer door hardware including pivots, mounting studs and weatherstripping.

NEDC’s 50-year relationship with Kawneer can also help you get correct replacement information for older, discontinued items such as surface closers, floor closers, flushbolts and even I-Line doors.

When you think of Kawneer, think of NEDC.

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Larco Logo


Long before computers and motion sensors changed the industry forever, carpets or 'mats' both actuated and provided safety for automatic doors. In fact, many leaders in the automatic door community still maintain that floor mounted carpets are the safest means of controlling full speed automatic doors. That's why Larco offers carpets for just about any automatic door need and still offers sizes that allow replacement of older Stanley, Dor-o-matic, Keane-Monroe and R&K systems.

In addition to their full complement of carpets, Larco also has a full line of mouldings and dovetails to fit virtually any carpet ever made as well as an extensive selection of guide rails, finger guards and other products to make sure automatic entrances fully comply with or exceed AAADM standards.

When you think of Largo, think of NEDC.

LCN Logo


Bearing the initials of door closer pioneer Lewis C. Norton, LCN sets the quality standard for all modern day units. The crown jewel in Ingersoll Rand’s door closer empire, LCN was built on a reputation of quality, technology and a belief that ‘one size doesn’t fit all’.

Although LCN does make universal door closer to address today’s market needs, they still offer handed, sized units designed to function in specific applications. The ‘Smoothee’ series (4110, 4010, 4020 and 4030) still claims top honors nearly 40 years after their advent.

What truly sets LCN apart from the rest is their commitment to research and development. LCN’s Sentronic line of fire/life safety closers has been carefully honed over the last 20 years to become an industry standard. LCN also puts the same technological supremacy to work in their Auto Equalizer line of handicapped accessible power operators. LCN’s engineering department can also devise special templates for applications as common as swing clear hinges and as complex as Mosler Safes.

LCN’s newest entry, the 1370 Quest, is another example of their zeal to redefine door closer standards. The 1370 boasts a radical new design, easy installation and competitive pricing structure. NEDC stocks the Quest as well as the rest of the LCN closer line at the competitive prices you expect. NEDC’s technical service staff is well versed in LCN and will make sure you get the right closer, mounting plate and any other accessory the first time.

When you think of LCN, think of NEDC.

Locknetics Logo


A new chapter in the Ingersoll Rand chronicle, Locknetics of Forestville, Connecticut is considered by many to be the nation’s authority on total door control and security.

Manufacturers of everything from simple traffic control units to high security, computer interfaced systems, Locknetics consistently strives to meet the world’s increased demand for tighter security on tighter budgets.

The Locknetics 268 Narrowline magnetic lock (soon to be called the ‘350’) has become the choice of the aluminum/glass door market and one of NEDC’s most popular products. With 1200 pounds of holding force, the 268 offers reliable security without compromising the aesthetic value of today’s entrances.

Locknetics also offers delayed egress systems, computer managed locking systems, access control management systems, battery operated passage locks, electric strikes and every type of power supply, keyswitch or push-button you could ever imagine. With an eye toward the future and the backing of Ingersoll Rand, you can be sure Locknetics will maintain their security dominance well into the millennium.

When you think of Locknetics, think of NEDC.

Markar Products


For 30 years, Markar Products of Lancaster, New York has been manufacturing some of the finest steel and aluminum continuous hinges in the industry.

Marketed primarily for institutional use, Markar’s steel and stainless steel continuous hinges have become top choices for fire rated entrances and areas where corrosion and other adverse environmental conditions warrant. Markar steel hinges feature stainless steel pins which run the entire length of each hinge. Markar also offers geared aluminum hinges in addition to spring loaded toilet partition hinges, reinforcing pivots and other various door and frame components.

NEDC stocks Markar steel hinges in various lengths as well as the complete line of 1900 series reinforcing pivots.

When you think of Markar, think of NEDC.

Marks Logo

Marks USA

They may not be a household name like many of their peers but Marks U.S.A. and their many and various locksets are well known in some of the most punishing environments in the country.

Marks began production of commercial and residential locksets in 1977 but in 1989 created the Custom Lockset Division. This group dedicated themselves to creating special locks that could withstand use and damage that would make any of their competitors cringe. The result were locksets that became ‘no substitute’ standards for the New York City Board of Education, New York State Housing Authority, Chicago Housing Authority and the Los Angeles Unified School District to name but a few.

Proudly manufacturing in the U.S.A., Marks can accommodate any locking needs and at a price to keep you competitive.

When you think of Marks U-S-A, think of New England Door Closer.

Marray Logo


Among their many technological innovations, Marray boasts the only two wire transfer hinge capable of handling in 16 amp inrush from a Von Duprin EL device solenoid. With Marray, there’s no need to buy more expensive four and six wire hinges and ‘double’ or ‘triple’ up on the wiring. This not only saves money but simplifies the interphase process and eliminates clogging in already tight frames, doors and door loops.

Marray also offers transfer hinges in four and ten wire versions for hardware that requires the extra leads. All wires are Teflon coated and, in the unlikely event of breakage or damage, are factory repairable.

When you think of Marray, think of New England Door Closer.

McKinney Logo


For 135 years, McKinney has been an industry leader and innovator in the commercial grade hinge and pivot market.

Manufacturing out of Scranton, Pennsylvania, McKinney is part of the Assa-Abloy hardware group along with Curries, Graham and Sargent. Collectively the four are known as the Essex Total Openings People.

McKinney’s many pioneering efforts included oil-impregnated bearings which have been proven to greatly extend the life of bearing hinges. These are offered as a standard feature on McKinney’s bearing hinges and has set them apart from other manufacturers. McKinney offers two, three and five knuckle hinges in a wide variety of mounting applications in addition to radius corner hinges and slotted ‘Slip In’ hinges for the aluminum/glass door market. Other features offered by McKinney include non-removable pins, single and double acting spring hinges and full mortise electrified hinges for security use.

NEDC stocks a vast line of McKinney hinges in different sizes, finishes and features. When you think of McKinney, think of NEDC.

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Monarch Logo


Another member of the Ingersoll-Rand group, Monarch Hardware specializes in exit devices to suit every budget and condition.

Monarch’s 19-series touchbar device offers an affordable, functional solution for those doors requiring hardware but not subject to heavy or abusive traffic. The Monarch 17 and 18-series devices fit the bill for heavier usage while the XX series takes care of those entrances that demand a crossbar-style device.

NEDC stocks common repair parts for the Monarch Hardware line and can help with the identification of the various trims and parts available for each unit.

When you think of Monarch, think of NEDC.

MS Sedco Logo

MS Sedco

Sedco and Microwave Sensors Inc., two of the most reliable names in electronic door accessories, have joined forces to become MS Sedco. Together, the two weave nearly 60 years of technological supremacy into today’s increasingly sophisticated door access climate.

Whether your requirements range from the more complex microwave, infrared or ultrasonic systems to the more mainstream wireless or hard-wired wall switches, MS Sedco and New England Door Closer have the solution that’s right for you.

MS Sedco boasts over 1 million devices currently employed but is far from resting on their laurels. Continual commitment to technological evolution keeps MS Sedco at the top of their game and gives them the ability to interface their high quality equipment with virtually any automatic door manufactured today-or even yesterday. MS Sedco also specializes in products that allow security hardware such as electric strikes and magnetic locks to seamlessly enter the activation process.

So when you think of MS Sedco, think of NEDC.

National Door Controls Logo

National Door Controls

Overhead concealed and floor closers were an industry standard for decades. But with the rise of the Americans with Disabilities Act and the demise of certain concealed closers, National Door Controls was born.

NDC conversion kits allow you to convert an existing overhead concealed or floor closer to a newer surface mounted closer without removal of the existing unit. Doors that have rusty 50 year-old floor closers which have slammed for years can be quickly and safely brought up to today’s standards as can discontinued, leaky overhead concealed closers.

NDC's patented design allows for conversion of virtually every type of concealed closer from today to days gone by. When budget, ADA or time itself necessitates a concealed closer conversion, accept nothing less than NDC.

When you think of NDC, think of New England Door Closer.

NEE Logo

New England Entrances

If automatic doors are your game, then New England Entrances can surely be one of your most valuable players.

Based in Cheshire, Connecticut, NEE makes the finest guard rails in the automatic entrance industry. The standard aluminum stock used to make NEE rails is 1/2" by 1 3/4" -a 1/4 thicker than the rest and the rail boots lag into the floor with three holes for added strength and durability. NEE rails can also be made to order quickly, often in 24 hours, assuring you of meeting even the toughest deadlines.

But NEE is famous for more than just their huge selection of guard rails. Stainless steel door posts, glass grill guards and finger guards are also available for immediate delivery as are a wide range of automatic door pivots and replacement rollers and tracks for a wide variety of automated entrances

When you think of NEE...think of NEDC.
National Guard Products Logo

National Guard Products

One of the nation’s leaders in the manufacture of weatherstrips and thresholds, National Guard Products of Memphis prides itself on long-life products with short lead times.

In addition to their vast line of standard saddle-type thresholds, NGP also offers modular, interlocking handicapped thresholds, abrasive coated SIA (Slick-it-Ain’t) thresholds for improved traction, stainless steel thresholds and cover plates and brass thresholds with a ‘Lifetime Finish’.

NGP also offers a variety of door and perimeter seals in everything from their ‘Wild Hairs’ nylon brush to vinyl, polyurethane, silicone and neoprene. NGP also offers gasketing for fire doors, automatic door bottoms for weatherstripping and sound reduction and meeting stile astragals for both glass and aluminum doors.

NEDC stocks many and various products in the NGP line. Call for more details.

When you think of NGP, think of NEDC.

Norton Logo


The name literally means ‘door closer’. For nearly a century, Norton has been a worldwide leader in the production of closers for virtually every segment of the door and hardware market.

Norton is the door closer flagship for the Yale Security Group (which also includes Yale, Corbin, Russwin and Rixson) and is prepared to lead the hardware giant into the next century as well.

The familiar 1600 series closer has become a standard fixture in the American market due to its impeccable service record, versatility and ease of use. The closer is usually supplied with Kawneer aluminum doors and frames and has thus become a Norton juggernaut. The closer offers ADA compliance at budget prices and now, with a new and improved cover, offers enhanced architectural benefits as well.

In addition to the 1600, Norton also offers the slim 8000 series and the heavy duty 7000 series as well as electromechanical life/safety closers, overhead concealed closers, automatic and high security closers.

Norton was also a pioneer of the ‘shock-absorbing’ door closer arm which eliminates the need for supplemental holders and stops. The Unitrol and CloserPlus arm series are available as options for the 1600, 7000 and 8000 closers and can greatly prolong the life of a high traffic entrance.

NEDC stocks a comprehensive line of Norton closers and components at the industry’s best prices and also effects repairs to Norton closers of current vintage and those of year’s past.

When you think of Norton, think of NEDC.

Pemko Logo


Pemko could probably be happy being one of the world’s largest manufacturers of thresholds and weatherstripping—but evolution has been the key to their success and they’re not about to stop now.

Yes, Pemko offers a complete line of saddle thresholds, ADA ramps and brush weatherstripping but has taken each to the next level. Pemko’s innovative line of ADA compliant rubber ramps offer superior slip resistance in addition to portability. Rubber ramps can be picked up and moved from temporary entrances to permanent ones .

Pemko has also developed an extensive line of intumescent life safety ‘Hot Smoke Seal’, a graphite seal that expands and fills voids when heat reaches 400 degrees. To compliment the product line, Pemko has also offers pressure sensitive smoke, fire, draft and sound seals in a variety of applications and colors.

While dedication to innovation and technology keeps Pemko on the cutting edge, their high quality line of thresholds, commercial weatherstrips, astragals and continuous hinges are their cornerstone and foundation.

NEDC stocks a full line of Pemko thresholds and weatherbrushes in a variety of lengths and finishes in addition to the PemkoHinge, a geared continuous hinge unlike any on the market today. PemkoHinge boasts a 20% thicker extrusion at the critical stress points and anodizes all hinges after the machining process. This assures the machined aluminum surfaces that come in contact with the bearings have a smoother harder surface and reduce premature wear.

When you think of Pemko, think of NEDC.

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Power Access Logo

Power Access

Long before ADA became the buzzword in the door and hardware industry, Power Access of Collinsville, Connecticut was producing automatic door openers for the disabled.

The beauty of the Power Access 4000 operator has been and continues to be their simplicity. Unlike many of today’s high-priced, overblown operators, the Power Access 4000 still does what it does best—open the door. And open it on a budget.

The 4000 is not attached to the door. It’s a header mounted unit that features an arm and wheel which glide along the top of the door face, gently pushing it open. A standard surface mounted (or even concealed) closer provides hydraulic control. This design allows traffic flow from either side of the door without having to activate the operator, saving on wear and tear.

Power Access units are also virtually maintenance free and are ideal for universities, homes, apartments and extended care facilities.

NEDC stocks the Power Access operators, parts and the many and various actuation devices, both hard-wired and wireless.

When you think of Power Access, think of NEDC.

Precision Logo


The little company with the big ideas. Precision Hardware offers some of the finest exit devices in the world and stands as an equal to anything produced in today’s market.

Precision devices are a marvel of simplicity. Few moving parts, quality construction and a durable line of exterior trim has made Precision the device of choice in thousands of schools, universities and hospitals throughout the nation.

Whether it’s the modern Apex device or the dramatic crossbar stylings of the Enduro and Olympian, Precision makes a device to function in any application, in any building and within any budget. And because Precision is smaller than the ‘big guys’ lead times are much shorter and service more personal. In fact, Precision is noted for their commitment to both customers and end users.

NEDC stocks common Precision parts and has factory access to the entire line.

When you think of Precision, think of NEDC.

RAS Logo

R-A-S Industries

When it comes to backer plates for hinges and other door hardware, no one even comes close to R-A-S.

New England Door Closer stocks several of the dozens of backer plates made by R-A-S. If your door has a butt hinge, chances are there’s a R-A-S plate behind it holding the entrance together.

But R-A-S is more than just backers for hinges and pivots. R-A-S offers several different types of master fixtures and router drill jig templates for installing everything from electric strikes and mortise locks to overhead concealed closers and locksets.

When you think of R-A-S, think of New England Door Closer.

Reese Logo


For more than 70 years, Reese Enterprises in Rosemount, Minnesota has been producing high quality, competitively priced weatherstrips and thresholds for the aluminum and glass door market.

Being a smaller company, Reese prides itself on the personal attention given to each customer and their ability to expedite orders for those in need. In addition to their hundreds of weatherstrip and threshold variations, Reese is noted for their PerfecView strip doors (see through vinyl doors for warehouse or forklift areas) and PerfecGrates, PerfecMats and PerfecFrames (floor mats and treads designed to keep large buildings clean after heavy foot traffic).

When you think of Reese, think of NEDC.

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Rixson Logo


Less than one month after the Titanic’s maiden voyage ended in the icy waters of the North Atlantic, Oscar Rixson patented his first closer, giving birth to an industry giant.

Although they’ve made just about every type of door closer imaginable since that time, Rixson is best known for their heavy duty line of concealed floor closers. Rixson 20, 25, 27, 28, 30 and 40 series closers carry the weight of some of the world’s heaviest, high traffic doors. In addition, Rixson offers the 600, 700 and 800 series overhead concealed units and specialty closers like the DuoCheck, UniCheck and the 350 Dwarf closer.

Rixson also boasts some of the industry’s finest pivots and pivot sets and is a pioneer in the field of life/safety closers. The Rixson Smok-Chek became a staple in schools, hospitals and hotels across America and continues to be a dominant force even today.

NEDC stocks the complete line of Rixson 20, 30 and 40 series closers in addition to many of the specialty and hard-to-find units. NEDC also stocks Rixson pivots and pivot sets in addition to all the parts related to Rixson closers. A factory authorized service center for Rixson, NEDC can repair most models including many that have been discontinued.

When you think of Rixson, think of NEDC.

Rockwood Logo


There are many companies that manufacture the type of hardware you find at Rockwood– but few that can match their attention to detail.

For over 40 years, the Pennsylvania-based Rockwood has been producing high quality, durable builders hardware at prices that suit any project’s budget. Rockwood is especially proud of their detailed finishing process which gives a special aesthetic purity to what many would consider everyday hardware.

Rockwood’s kick plates, door stops and push/pull sets offer unmatched quality, beauty and value. With several different fastening options, Rockwood can satisfy the most demanding architectural specifications and applications. Rockwood also offers barrier free pulls to meet handicapped codes, hospital push/pull latches and a line of Trim Protector Bars that keep exit devices, mortise locks and cylindrical locks from being damaged by cleaning or food service carts and gurneys.

NEDC stocks several Rockwood push/pull sets and offers fast access to the rest of their outstanding product line.

When you think of Rockwood, think of NEDC.

Russwin Logo


Now part of Corbin, Russwin has ceased to be an independent manufacturer but their former market dominance is easily visible at institutions across the country.

At NEDC, we remember when Russwin was actually Russell and Erwin and many of the stellar door closers produced long ago are still repairable and often available for outright sale as rebuilts. The Russwin 500 concealed in the door closer was one of their most popular units for over 40 years and is still repairable. NEDC purchased all remaining internal and external parts for the 500 and still possess a large inventory. The same holds true for the Russwin 400 series closer and the many and various traditional units made under both the Russwin and Corbin name. Call for more details with your exact model number.

When you think of Russwin, think of NEDC.

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Sargent Logo


Sargent has always been world renowned for high quality hardware but since joining the ASSA ABLOY group they’ve clearly blazed a trail that only the finest can follow.

Sargent’s commitment to quality and perseverance pertains not only to architects and contractors but right down to the end user. While re-engineering their vast line of door closers, Sargent kept their end user customers in mind as they fabricated the newer, advanced units with hole patterns to allow easy conversions. As a result, older Sargent closers that have reached the end of their functionality can be easily replaced without drilling a single hole. This not only saves on labor but keeps the integrity of the door and frame intact.

NEDC stocks the full line of Sargent closers including the newer 1430 and 281 series in addition to all the various arms and accessories offered for all Sargent closers. Being an authorized Sargent repair center, NEDC still effects repair to older Sargent units such as the 50, 150, 250 and 1250 series.

In addition to their Grade 1 closers, Sargent also offers what many consider to be the finest exit devices and locksets made in the USA. The Sargent 80 series touchbar device and the 90 series crossbar rank among the finest products of their type ever made as do the 7700 and 8200 mortise locksets and 10-line cylindrical lever locks. Whether it’s closers, exit devices or locksets, Sargent is ready to put 136 years of experience to work for you.

When you think of Sargent, think of NEDC.

Schlage Logo


In it’s 80-year history, Schlage has always been looked at as an innovator. That’s because founder, Walter Schlage, was actually the inventor of the cylindrical lock, a product present in nearly every house and commercial building across the planet.

The world has changed markedly since his revolutionary concept but one thing that hasn’t changed is Schlage’s commitment to the quality and versatility that Walter dedicated his life to. As part of worldwide Ingersoll-Rand, Schlage joins hands with LCN and Von Duprin at the forefront of commercial hardware.

Mortise or cylindrical locksets for commercial and residential applications to high security and electronic hardware, there isn’t a need or a condition that Schlage and IR can’t accommodate.

When you think of Schlage, think of New England Door Closer.

Select Hinges

Select Products Limited

Select Products Limited Specializing in continuous gear hinges, Select has managed to make a name for itself through innovation and service. Virtually every product in the Select catalog can be shipped in 48 hours from their facility in Portage, Michigan. In fact, Select boasts they are "Fastest in the Industry" with 98.6% of all Select hinges shipping within 48 hours.

In addition to their complete line of full surface, half surface and mortise hinges, Select offer a patented 3 hour fire rating without the use of cumbersome pins or studs. This gives you the aesthetic beauty and easy installation of an aluminum hinge while meeting the most rigid UL10B, UL10C and UBC 7.2 requirements which, until now, only steel hinges or aluminum hinges with pins, studs and/or special bearings could comply with.

Whether it's a three-hour rated, four foot wide fire door in a university or the constantly cycling aluminum unit on the convenience store down the street, count on Select and NEDC to have the hinge you need and in the time frame you need it.

When you think of Select, think of NEDC.

Steelcraft Logo


Part of Ingersoll-Rand, Steelcraft has been manufacturing a complete, high quality line of steel doors and frames for nearly 70 years. Whether the doors and frames be cold-rolled, hot rolled, galvannealed or stainless, the Steelcraft name assures the finest attention to quality and detail.

Steelcraft “L” series flush doors are available in a variety of gages to suit virtually any application and offer time saving preparations for such accessories and hinges (butts pivots or continuous), exit devices, mortise locksets, cylindrical locks and door closers. Steelcraft can offer not only the actual prep but can reinforce these high stress areas to assure the long life and proper function of the entrance.

As a pioneer in the industry, Steelcraft is devoted to the continual improvement of metal doors, frames and their components. Many of the innovations that have become common in today’s door industry were pioneered and perfected by Steelcraft.

When you think of Steelcraft, think of New England Door Closer.

Trimco Logo


Started back in 1947 as Triangle Brass, Trimco today stands as one of the finest manufacturers of American made door hardware. Whether it's the unique modern lines and inspired shapes of their 'focal' series or the timeless classic beauty of the 'Masterpiece' series, Trimco has a pull handle to meet any requirement and prices to fit any building budget.

Trimco also has hard-to-find products such as cremone bolts, cane bolts and flush pulls as well as the everyday commercial push/pull sets for aluminum door applications.

When you think of Trimco, think of NEDC.

UltraFab Inc. Logo


One of the nation’s largest manufacturers of replacement pile weatherstripping, UltraFab has a solution to virtually every type of drafty entrance you can imagine.

Available in a variety of backing widths and pile heights, UltraFab offers top quality stripping at rock bottom prices. Unlike other weatherstripping manufacturers, UltraFab doesn’t weave their fibers into place. They actually weld the fibers to the backing with a unique ultrasonic process . Because the fibers are welded directly to the backing, they are always on center and easy to insert. UltraFab is also the inventor of the EntraSeal door astragal which offers easy replacement of old style Kawneer astragals.

NEDC stocks the EntraSeal in 7’ and 8’ lengths and thousands of feet of pile weatherstripping sold to you in any quantity you need.

When you think of UltraFab, think of NEDC.

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Von Duprin Logo

Von Duprin

For nearly 100 years, Von Duprin has been the undisputed heavyweight champion in the world of exit devices. Known for their innovation, quality and aesthetic purity, Von Duprin exit devices can be found on doors throughout the world.

Von Duprin offers an exit device for literally any application. From non-magnetic units used in US Navy minesweepers to ones emblazoned with collegiate logos and colors, Von Duprin sets the standard for commercial exit device hardware.

While Von Duprin has manufactured dozens of different devices over the century, the line is based in five different units today. The economy series 22 offers a full function, quality device at a budget price. The 33 is the touchbar of choice on high traffic, narrow stile doors while it’s wide stile counterpart, the 99, is regarded as the finest device in production today. If you still prefer the crossbar devices, the 55 takes care of the narrow stile entrances while the 88 handles the rest.

In addition to manual exit devices, Von Duprin offers many and various electrified versions to satisfy virtually any code or function requirement. Von Duprin also makes heavy duty electric strikes, magnetic locks and delayed egress systems.

NEDC stocks a full line of Von Duprin devices in addition to all the repair parts for proper maintenance.

When you think of Von Duprin, think of NEDC.

Wikk Logo


Another player in the balanced door market, Wikk opts to work primarily with aluminum and glass entrances and let Ellison handle the big bronze and brass units.

Manufacturing out of Greendale, Wisconsin, Wikk utilizes modified LCN 2030 series overhead concealed closers in conjunction with their own balanced door hardware. They offer units that work with a spring concealed in the hinge tube (like Ellison and the old Flower City) or have the spring inside the header mounted closer.

NEDC stocks Wikk replacement closers and cylinders along with several of the mounting and pivoting parts that are subject to wear over the course of time. NEDC also boasts staff members that are familiar with Wikk doors and stand ready to assist. We also offer service on these doors. Call for more information on our service area.

When you think of Wikk, think of NEDC.

Yale Logo


The name literally means door closer.

For 100 years, Yale has been a world leader in the manufacturing, engineering and distribution of door closers. Formerly known as the Yale and Towne Manufacturing Company, Yale gained fame with its line of ‘traditional’ or ‘potbelly’ closers, many of which still function even today and are repairable here at NEDC.

Over the years, Yale grew into a hardware giant. Never forgetting their foundation in high quality closers, Yale expanded into every corner of the architectural hardware market and left an indelible impression along the way.

Today, in addition to closers like the 50 and 4000 series, Yale boasts an incredibly vast line of mortise locks, cylindrical locks, cylinders, exit devices and electromechanical hardware. Being part of the Williams Group, which includes Norton, Corbin, Russwin and Folger Adam, Yale is poised to continue being a market leader and innovator well into the next century.

NEDC stocks and repairs Yale closers from yesterday and today in addition to the various arm parts and accessories often required. NEDC also stocks parts for Yale exit devices and mortise locks.

When you think of Yale, think of NEDC.

Zero Logo

Zero International

Normally, zero means nothing–unless you’re talking about Zero International of Bronx, New York. Actually, the name does mean ‘nothing’. In 1924, two Hungarian immigrants started out with ‘nothing’ and so named their company Zero.

But the ensuing 75 years have seen the small company become one of the industry’s greats. Manufacturers of thresholds and weatherstripping, Zero products are regarded by many as the finest of their type in production today. Zero thresholds are distinguished by their heavy gauge and durability and are used in some of the most punishing applications imaginable. Zero also makes thresholds for unique applications often overlooked by other manufacturers.

Zero also applies their heavy duty approach to the various astragals, weatherstrips and door bottoms that round out their vast product line. They offer intumescent fire and smoke seals in addition to hard to find weatherstripping for windows and heavy duty sliding and overhead doors.

When you think of Zero International, think of NEDC.

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