Swing Door Operators and Sliding Doors

ADA/Low-energy Door Operators, Full-Automatic Swing door operators, and Powered Sliding Doors

NEDC supplies, services, and installs door operators and sliding doors and is a distributor for many of the top-quality brands of door operators and related accessories. Our decades of experience and extensive product knowledge make us an excellent, hassle-free choice for providing automatic door solutions for small and large projects.

We also sell (supply-only) door operators, and accessories such as press-wall switches, wireless switches, receivers, specialized relays for security integration, safety and activations sensors etc. We can offer design ideas for any layout for activation, and alarm and security integration. *** Special pricing available for larger quantities.***

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Door Operators

  • Nabco (Gyro Tech) - All Models

  • LCN - All Models

  • Norton - All Models

  • Dorma - ED 900

  • Sargent - All Models

  • USA Record - All Models

  • Power Access - All Models

  • Tormax - All Models


Sliding Doors and Service Windows

  • Nabco/Gyro Tech

  • Tormax


Door Operator and Sliding Door Accessories

(Activation switches, posts, sensors, relays, guide rails, etc)

  • MS Sedco

  • Nabco/Gyro Tech

  • BEA

  • Optex

  • Wikk

  • Larco

  • New England Entrances


Gyro Tech News

Due to popular demand, NEDC has arranged for Gyro Tech to continue offering the time-tested Magnum control in their GT 710 and 500 series door operators.  New England Door Closer is currently stocking complete operators with Magnum controls, and will be continue to do so as long as there is demand. Operators with the new Opus controls are also in stock. Cost is the same for both versions. Gyro Tech will continue to support the Magnum controls for as long as is needed, but the long-term goal is a full migration to the Opus control. 


After a year on the market, the Gyro Tech Opus control is proving to be an excellent product. Unfortunately, there were some bugs in the early revs of the software on the controls (which is not unusual for complex electronic products), but they have been identified and eliminated. Our confidence in the Opus control is solid - NEDC currently installs Opus controlled operators exclusively. Like with any other new product, there is a learning curve, but our installers report that once you know your way around the Opus control, it is a faster, easier set-up than the Magnum control.


The Opus control is digital, with an LCD display and menu screens. There is a push-button/dial device for choosing screens, scrolling through options, and activating and adjusting settings. It has many new features and capabilities – on-board relays, optional latch-assist, hold-close, reverse direction if it encounters an obstacle in either direction, inputs for alarm and other systems integration, just to name a few. All new operators now have encoder motors, so there is no longer a need for position magnets for the 710 series with the Opus control. For simupair operators, the master control exports settings to the 2nd control, so no more time-consuming struggles with trying to match open and close speeds, and hold-open times.


For customers wanting to try the new control, and those already using it, NEDC is available to help with troubleshooting, settings adjustments, and specific integration tasks.


Please contact jshapiro@nedoorcloser.com for ordering or for more information.  





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