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New England Door Closer is an authorized factory repair center for companies like LCN, Yale, Norton, Corbin, Russwin and Sargent for over 50 years. While we repair most current vintage closers, obsolete units, particularly ‘traditional’ or ‘potbelly’ units are our specialty. Many of the units we repair are over 75 years old.

After each unit is received and catalogued, it is disassembled using factory specific tools. Upon completion of disassembly, each unit is cleaned and rinsed to make sure it is free from the deposits of old oil, packings and the various debris that accumulates over time.

Closers are then taken to our assembly mechanics. Each individual internal part is visually and mechanically inspected. Anything deemed to be worn beyond acceptable tolerance is replaced with a new factory original part. NEDC is able to do this even with obsolete closers as agreements were made with various manufacturers to purchase part inventories and machine molds as units were discontinued. By doing this, NEDC is able to reproduce common internal parts to original factory specifications.

Once the internal parts have been replaced, NEDC rebuilds the unit and fills it with our own custom blend of hydraulic oil designed specifically for the heavy duty wear and tear closers are accustomed to. Each closer is then re-packed with brand new packing (made to original factory specifications) and tested thoroughly. The unit is left to sit at room temperature for several hours to make sure packings and gaskets seated properly during the assembly process.

After a second testing is completed, each closer is sent to our paint shop where a finish most closely resembling the original is applied. Upon drying, the closer is sent to our traffic department where it is carefully wrapped and shipped or delivered by an NEDC sales and service representative.

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